Hello Charlie Superhero

It's Charlie Superhero, the Maddest, Baddest, Raddest Superhero of them all.

Meet Charlie Superhero.  I made him for baby Charlie who was born in February.  Charlie Superhero has a birdie print cotton head and body, starry red flannelette legs, deep red velveteen arms and a glossy red satin cape.  He’s a genuine superhero, so he also has a pair of underpants and a big letter C on his chest. He is the first proper teddy-type toy I’ve ever made (taking the ones I’d make as a kid from two teddy shapes stitched together out of the equation), and I have to say I kinda love him!  It took me quite a while to make him; I made 6 practice heads, three bodies and two types of leg from an old pillowcase, all from patterns I was making up as I went along.  His face is embroidered on a little wonky, and his ears are slightly askew, but I think that’s all part of his character.  Not bad for a first attempt!  I have so many ideas floating around my head for different teddies now… all I need is time and someone to make them for! 🙂

Charlie's back view, check out that cape!

Charlie's good side, or maybe not, who knows?..

Charlie's alter-egos

And finally, Charlie shows his cheeky side. Ba-dum-TISH!


2 Responses to “Hello Charlie Superhero”

  1. 1 lauraluru June 24, 2011 at 21:51

    Wow! Looks cool! Love your photo on top too! L xx

  2. 2 thebigfatpeacock June 25, 2011 at 20:18

    How gorgeous is Charlie? And hands up how many of us made teddies from two teddy shapes when we were little? Out of a pair of old pants?(for real!) Looking great xx Lisa

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