The Happy Couple

Forty years ago this year, my aunt and uncle got married.  As a present, I decided to make pair of doll representations of them on their wedding day in 1971.  I have to admit, my decision to do this was largely based on my uncle’s fabulous hair-do…  You can check out his hair in the previous post.  My aunt made her own dress, it was made out of a patterned velvet and had a hood as part of it; the sleeves, hood and bottom of the dress were trimmed in fur.  My uncle is wearing a three-piece suit with pin-striped trousers.  And so, here are my versions of the happy couple…

The Happy Couple

I made the wedding dress out of a crushed velvette, and only trimmed the sleeves as the only fake furry-type stuff I could find that was half way suitable was just that- only half way suitable.  It was too bulky, and I had to trim it right back (leaving my living room looking like I’d murdered a wee chicklet or something).  It would have been too much on the hood and would have messed up how the base of the dress moved.  The bride’s hair is sewn in strand by strand (yeah, I know…).  I think she looks quite good, but I definitely need lessons in embroidering faces.


The Groom’s trousers are made from a pin-striped shiny material which I just had in my collection.  His jacket is black polycotton, his waistcoat and tie are grey skirt lining and his shirt is the edge of an old sheet which interestingly was a wedding present to my own parents over 30 years ago…   I love his outfit, but unfortunately my poor groom suffers from a serious lack-of-neck; the collar of his shirt is too unforgiving.  I made the dolls with no neck, but I really didn’t think it would have been such a problem.  Also, he has no shoes… Don’t ask… I do love his hair though. I forgot to take photos of their backs before I gave them away, but take it from me- the groom has a fine mulletty-type hair-do!


A photo of the dolls before gender specifications… My aunt needed a waist and boobs added in order for her dress to look elegant on her.  As you can see, they’re the same size apart from the shoulders (my aunt-doll is on the right with the smaller shoulders) yet somehow, my uncle seems to have shrunk when clothed…he looks smaller than my aunt.

Dolls before hair and makeup...

Anyhoo, there they are… I’ve now got an idea for another doll, it’s been started, but there’ll be no more info until it has been completed… I’m quite excited by this next one- it’s a fun project and it makes me giggle when I think about it!


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