Baby Book

Friends are days away from the birth of their first-born; for Christmas I decided to make them a baby record book.  Now, most commercial baby record books don’t have enough space for photos; they also have so many milestones to fill in that if parents are a little too preoccupied with actually raising the child to remember to pull the book out to note when little Ophelia first sneezed, then the pages can look a little neglected by baby’s 1st birthday.  I decided make a book that acted more as a photo album with space to fill in what ever milestones Mam and Dad feel are important.

Book cover

...from above

Example of the page headings used

I laid it out in two sections.  The front section has page headings for “first days”,  “one month”, “two months”and so on up to “twelve months”.  The first pages have places for the information that definitely won’t be forgotten- date, time, weight etc. There is also a little envelope for the hospital bracelet.  When the babaí is born, I will embroider a name-plate for the front cover.

The back section has a few pages marked for “Milestones”, pages for the hospital scans and a few pages with envelopes of varying sizes for keepsakes like haircuts and the like.  The rest are blank for whatever Mam and Dad want to use them for.

The title-blocks on the tops of the pages are printed using little individual letter stamps; the paper in the background is *GASP* from a copy of War and Peace that was published in 1926 or thereabouts.  Yes, I cut up a book.  More about that in my next post…


2 Responses to “Baby Book”

  1. 1 petra January 4, 2012 at 09:15

    you put us all to shame! can i be you in my next life?!
    beautiful creations

  2. 2 thebigfatpeacock January 12, 2012 at 17:31

    Almost makes you want to have a baby………..

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