Tea please!


We had pretty awesome homemade afternoon tea in Jody and Carl’s place on Saturday, well, afternoon.  Everybody brought something to the table; who knew my friends were such culinary experts?

Charlene made bunting from doilies...

...an amazing fudge cake from chocolate and magic...

...and coffee and hazelnut tray-bakes partially just from her imagination. Impressive.

Laura made the cutest wee apple and blueberry mini tarts, with pretty little star-hats. Nom.

Tricia made terribly more-ish lemon curd buns.

Sharon made a Victoria Sponge cake with raspberries; drool.

We ate sandwiches, with and without crusts.

Of course, I made something too- my granny's yumsome scones, but bite sized (20c for scale...)

Scone, raspberry jam, clotted cream. Possibly my favourite combination in the world. Such simple tastes, me.

The men stayed upstairs doing man stuff, popping down only to refill their plates, while us womenfolk sat round the living room and discussed how best not to let your napkin touch the tablecloth once on your lap, and the etiquette that befalls a man should he be left alone in a room with a tea cosy. There was coffee, about 20 different types of tea and hot drops a-plenty; prosecco, chats and lots of pass-the-baby.  And when we were full of as much sugar, cream and tea as our bodies could tolerate, some of us retired to town for pints, west-coast-verses-east-coast rap debates, and whirlyburgers. A classy end to a very classy day.


1 Response to “Tea please!”

  1. 1 Lisa March 20, 2012 at 10:54

    Oh, wow….. Nigella’s got competition!!

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