A Postcard of a Postcard

I found this dapper gentleman in a vintage shop in London a few years ago. I’ve a few old postcards- this one is definitely my favourite.  Of course, it was his mighty fine moustache that drew me in, I am that predictable;-)

When I buy an old postcard, what’s written on the back is as important as what’s on the front.  But they always throw up so many questions.  In this case- who is Mrs W and what does she have that Miss L H and Jerry need to see?

The postmark is a little obscured, but this card was originally sent between 1900 and 1909- I’d hazard a guess with 1904.  But it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that this postcard has survived for over 100 years.  How did this happen?  What has he seen on his travels from London to Shawbury, back to London and then to Dublin to my mirror where he currently resides?

Anyway, to the question of why I’m writing about this postcard.  Well, I signed up for the 4×6  exchange with Art House Co-op a few weeks ago.  I send them a piece of art that measures 4x6inches with an SAE and they send me back something by someone else.  When I read 4×6, my immediate thought was “postcard”; I’ve made quite a few postcards in my time (I like to utilise the postal service as much as possible and  I’ve been known to make myself postcards while travelling and send them to myself… yup!)  So, I decided that Herbert (he looks like a Herbert, right?  Or Horatio.  Or Harold.  Nah, definitely Herbert.)  was going to travel again, this time to the USA.

I used Dylon image-maker to transfer a copy of the postcard to fabric, then machine-embroidered over it.  Unfortunately, I’m a lazy thread-buyer; I tend to make-do too much.  I used a black thread from Ikea here. It’s a tad on the bulky side.  Bah.  I used a quality beige thread for the writing up the centre, it gives much better, cleaner line and my wonky sewn handwriting is less geriatric looking.  Live and learn.

Hope you enjoy your journey, Herbert!  Godspeed!


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