Father’s Day

Ok, t’was ages ago; made this wee piece of embroidery for Dad for Father’s Day.  It’s part of a song he used to sing to us when were kids (were kids? He’s been known to still give us a bar or two!)

Hey little Hen…


…will you lay me an egg…

…for my teeeeeaaaaaa?

As I may have mentioned before, I am a self-taught embroiderer; since making this I have done some research (backward thinking, yes…).  Apparently if I use interfacing,  the base fabric won’t wrinkle (who knew?)  And I think the time has come for me to stop embroidering freehand.  I have it in my head that its cheating in some way if I mark out what I am trying to do first.   I am being stubborn.  Or something.  So. My resolution?  To purchase a few different types of water-soluble pens/pencils and finally draw what I plan to embroider first.  Chances are, my hen could have looked a bit better.

Dad liked it, that’s the important thing:-)

And if you’re wondering what the song is, well here you go…*

* I found some interesting versions on Youtube; this one has a clucker…then there’s one that’s “suitable for old folks homes” and one with a bad animation of a cat meowing the song… Seriously odd…


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