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Hi folks!  Feels like ages since I’ve put up a post.  Thanks to this blog I have been pretty busy.  A few months ago I vowed to sort out a website, which I’ve now done!  It’s nice to have a bit of pressure. is up and running.  All the photos and prints are for sale and I’m hoping to change the variety of prints on offer regularly.  I’ve got my photos and prints up in two venues in Bristol at the mo.  Once I set up the first one, any subsequent ones were much easier as all the nervousness was used up in the run up to the first one.  I;m going to try to apply this practice to lots of aspects of my life!!

I’ve also been going back to portraits.  I’m pretty excited about this!  I used to take a lot of portraits but haven’t been using them much in recent years.  I’m going to try to use images layered with text etc and see how they turn out as etchings.  The first one I did was the print of Laurie’s kids.  There are 3 separate pics blended together in photoshop.  The current one I’m in the process of making is a pic of my Grandma with overlayed text from her husband’s writing.



2 Responses to “Back to Portraits”

  1. 1 Cécile July 31, 2012 at 12:15

    Wow! You’re grandma portrait is beautiful ! I really love the retro touch you give to your work. Looking forward to seeing the result.
    Good luck for the exhibs

  2. 2 onlinesketchpad August 16, 2012 at 19:04

    Hey Kute, I love the photo of your Grandma too. If only we all could look that elegant, no matter how old we were! x

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