Róisín’s Library

My godmother Róisín had a significant birthday at the end of August.  She loves nothing more than to curl up with a good book and is a huge Agatha Christie fan, so this cushion didn’t take too much thinking about.

I had an accident with this when I was making it.  I mentioned in a previous post that I tend to work by eye; I don’t always mark things out.  Well, this time I decided to use some dissolvable* fabric.  So far so good.  Turns out that you need colour-fast fabric when rinsing out the dissolvable* fabric.  That lovely red gaberdine fabric I used for the background was absolutely NOT colour-fast, not even a tiny bit.  When immersed, it promptly turned the water (and my hands) a vibrant red colour.  All the detail went a lurid pink.  And I may have cried a tiny bit.  I made some frantic phone calls; did a bit of googling, and then left it in a bucket of cold water and lemon juice, and went to see a film, because that’s how I roll with pink hands.  I mention this because the logo across the top of the cushion that says Róisín’s Library came into existence to cover the next problem that occurred.  The colour run remover that I bought on the way home from the cinema left a lovely (not so lovely) orangey stain where the logo is now.  Never rains but it pours, right?  Or to use an opposing idiom, every cloud has a silver lining?  Because, in the end-up, the personalisation makes the cushion.

Róisín loved it.  And I reverted to type, I didn’t use dissolvable* fabric to embroider the covering for the stain…

(*Dissolvable is not a real word apparently.  Dissolve is.  Dissolved.  Dissolving.  All real.  Not dissolvable.  The wiggly red line tells me it’s wrong; it suggests dissoluble.  I checked dictionary.com, it suggests dissoluble.  Really, I think I need the word soluble.  But I prefer dissolvable.  So there, dictionary.com and wiggly red line. Dissolvable.)


2 Responses to “Róisín’s Library”

  1. 2 Cécile September 27, 2012 at 16:51

    Really cool!

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