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Christmas table.

Since a few years, preparing a table decoration worthing a 3 stars restaurant for Christmas turned to be a habit for my mum and my sister, almost turning it as a competition between them. Back in France this year and feeling some pressure from those 2 competitors, I had to bring my contribution.My job was to create place carts who has to be in silver kind of tone as a specification (yes, there’s also specifications…). I decided to print pictures I usually use for my digital prints and I fold it in a windmill shape and fixe it with a stud earing agremented of a plastic glitter. I wrote people’s names on one of the face. My mum and sister part was to make the menu. They fold it in a transparent plastic ball with feathers, glitters and decorated with stickers.And here’s the final project.


I wish you a merry Christmas!

May you have a happy Christmas, ladies!




transfer paper on t-shirt

One day,  in a place surrounded by pop corn, lost in my thoughts I wrote an ode to pop corn.

2 years after, wanting to make a gift to my 7 years-old nephew, I get the idea to put this “poem”  on a t-shirt. But, how? Then for the first time I used transfer paper. The most difficult part was to find the apropriated one: there’s transfer paper for white fabrics or dark fabrics. Then, paper you can only use for laser printer or ink jet printer.After I found all I needed, I try to design the text in a colourful way.

Result: even if I wasn’t completly happy with the layout, it made an happy (not difficult to satisfied) nephew. So, I made one for myself from a picture I took and modified with a sofware.


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