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…. and some more cake !!

These are a couple more samples of cakes I have made for family and friends. Yep, I love the challenge of planning the cake and get just a bit excited when it turns out the way I hoped ūüôā




More cake!

This cake was an american velvet type that I made for my mothers birthday. The filling was mascarpone cheese and cream so it was very moist. I have to say it tasted pretty amazing. Most cakes I make for special occasions are madeira or sponge so really enjoyed baking something different. Although the red colouring throws you off, the flavour is vanilla with a hint of chocolate..yum!



40 years and counting…..

Last year my aunt asked me to make a cake for her  40th Wedding Anniversary. I wanted to do something special for them so I went back to their early days. They met while Eileen was still training as a nurse and Steve was in the navy.

My inspiration was the famous photograph ” The Kiss ” taken in Times Square on VJ Day in 1945. Although I had used sugar paste icing to make flowers before my skills just yet weren’t up to a true re-creation….however I am still very proud of the cake I created. The bottom layer madeira and the top a rich chocolate cake


Mmmm yes, if you look closely you may see a salt and pepper shaker holding up the couple but these are the things that make an occasion more memorable!!


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