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All the entries for Print Exchange 2013

Print exchange exhibit

Have a look at all the prints on their flickr page here:


Rain Room

If you’re in London before next March, you need to visit Barbicans Rain Room

We queued for an hour to get into this, first thing on a Monday morning, with a picnic breakfast and good company.  It’s a fascinating exhibit.  The rain is torrential; yet you can walk through the room without getting wet- amazing!  While standing back and taking photos, I noted the most often seen pose of people walking through is arms outstretched, as if trying to catch the rain. Turns out it’s instinctive…

Do what you love…


The last year has been a blur of head down, get ‘er done career-wise and as such I’ve had little time or inclination to do much in the way of fun crafty stuff just for fun.  A few weeks ago, Amy asked a very simple question – ‘do you still enjoy making things?’


That the answer was perilously close to ‘no’ was enough of a kick in the butt to get my priorities straight. Who says New Years resolutions have to happen at New Year??

Music to Make Art to #7 & #8

This song has been buzzing around my head since Saturday night’s brilliant gig:

It was promptly bumped out by this one since Monday night’s just-as-fun-but-completely-different gig:

Two brilliant vibes, but very, very different genres.  Happy days!

No Direction Home and other such Adventures

This is a long time coming.  I took 10 days off work in June and went to two festivals and to visit a friend in Doolin; of course I did what I usually do- I took between 3 and 6 cameras with me everywhere.  That’s a lot of photos. I’ve wanted to post some of the more interesting ones here, but,  dilemma!  Do I put them all in lots of separate little posts (for example, one that puts the emphasis on the new pinhole camera I made, one for Holga etc…) or do I put them in categories (for example, one for Doolin, one for Forbidden Fruit etc…)?  *SIGH*

This evening I say “FECK YOU, INDECISION!”  Be prepared for a long, rambling look at a very fun ten days in my life at the beginning of “summer” (yes Summer, you get inverted commas, for rain everyday does not a summer make.  Tut.) all in one post.  I am such a rebel.

*All the above taken at Forbidden Fruit with Holga SF, or Nikon Coolpix S3100, or a home-made matchbox Pin Hole Camera, made using these instructions.

*All the above were taken on Inis Oírr, which is the baby Aran Island; same cameras as before.

*Above photos of Emma’s wee house and gardens; all take with Pinhole or Holga SF

*Above photos taken near the pier in Doolin.  The waves were simply awesome.  I could quite happily have sat all day watching them.  I love moving water so much. Cameras: Nikon Coolpix and Holga SF.

*Above all taken at No Direction Home Festival at Welbeck Abbey, in Sherwood Forest no less.  A brilliant weekend, but the photos lie about the weather!  We got lovely sun, but did see a lot of rain too… Cameras: Holga SF, La Sardinia Sapphire Serpent (I am reading the Eragon Inheritance books at the moment- this is the colour I imagine Saphira’s scales to be…), the Pinhole and Nikon Coolpix.  I also had my Lomo Fisheye, but no decent photos from that.  Just too grey most of the time; it prefers more sun.

*A teashop in Bakewell, a village with the oldest mean age of visitor I have EVER seen.  We were babies compared to everyone else visiting that day.  Yes, we ordered some bakewell tart.  Taken with the La Sardinia using its bulb setting for the very first time (it’s my new baby). 





Music to make art to: #1

I’m going off on a tangent here again, and I’m making no apology either- I plan on doing it more often too:-)  I’m going to post about music that makes me want to create.  I haven’t had much time for making anything at the moment, and all the unexplored ideas floating around my head make me feel like I’m going to explode sometimes… And so, I listen to music really loudly and the good songs make me calm.

I LOVE the lyrics to this song; and the video is just perfect.  It describes all my floating ideas to a tee.  And the landscape… well someday me and my fisheye will be visiting Iceland. Who’s with me?

“And at once I knew, I was not magnificent…”



Ye Oldie Cotton Reels and other Treasures

Kinda going off topic here (or not, it’s art supplies related I suppose).  Some photos of some old stuff I bought when in London just before Christmas. Only because they are just so pretty.

Petra was kind enough to take Laura and I to a car-boot sale;  well, I was like a child in the proverbial sweetie shop- I came away with 2 ladybird books, a Blockbusters board game (“I’d like a P please, Bob”), an old game of Donkey (so pretty! a bargain at £1) and a share in a biscuit tin full of cotton reels, old buttons and the like, all for the princely sum of just over a fiver.  I took what I wanted from the tin and left the rest with Petra (I didn’t really have room in my bag for much more than I took- Blockbusters was made in a time when big empty packaging wasn’t considered at all wasteful).  The pink silk thread is my favourite, it’s been transferred onto an older reel of what should be dark brown machine thread- I’m going to use it for embroidering (I have a project in mind for it, more on that when it hits the top of my to-do list).  But it was the cough sweet tin that caught my eye first, it’s full of pop fasteners and bra hooks; I just loved the design of it.  And I shall add my collection of these type items to it, keeping it’s recommissioned purpose alive.

The cough sweet tin. Relieves in half the time apparently.

The "Naughty Peter" Donkey game. Never Google the phrase "naughty Peter" with innocence, that's my advice.

And, to wander further into unrelated territory, a photo of my thimble:

My Gran was a dressmaker.  For as long as I knew her, her eyesight was failing and the only memory I have of her sewing involves me sitting beside her once, threading the needle as required, for she could no longer see the eye.  She died when I was sixteen and her grandchildren were told they could take some keepsakes from the house.  I took a cigar box and a few knick-knacks; I also took her thimble.  It fits me perfectly.  I like that symmetry; that she sewed and now I do too even though I never sewed with her; that I have her perfectly fitting thimble. It’s the circle of life – turns out Elton John was right 😉

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