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Print exchange exhibit

Have a look at all the prints on their flickr page here:


Dublin Statues continued….

Statues: Sample Book Page

I’m really excited with the direction this project is going in!

A very talented friend of mine has kindly agreed to write a piece of text in connection with each statue’s  image.  She’s a playwright who has created some really amazing characters so I knew she would bring a whole other level to their stories.  I have always wanted to collaborate with her.  I’ll post the final pieces when they are done so will get to read each piece.  It’s a work in progress at the moment.  Here’s a sample above.

For the next stage, I have to decide on presentation.  I have been considering-book format OR ebook OR printed images OR sound and slideshow installation (as my sister suggested).  More to follow!

Dublin Statues (I get older, they stay the same age)

Robert EmmetAt the beginning stages of new photography project so I thought I’d share my idea. The plan is to photograph lots of the statues around Dublin. I’m finding them particularly facinating at the moment! I’d also been spending lots of time walking round Stephen’s Green. Now, stautues I had never paid attention to or seen before are popping up everywhere! I’d like to photograph them as if they are living portraits. I’ll try not to show their plinths. On the list is a stunning life size horse by the canal, a singer in the Iveagh gardens and James Joyce’s head.
So far, I’ve made one of Robert Emmet having a stroll through the trees. And another head shot of a strong featured man. I will see how it goes and post the results.Mangan<

Print Exchange Project 2013

Hi folks!
I’m very excited to be taking part in a print exchange project!  500 printmakers from around the globe will be taking part, each submitting 12 prints  from the same edition on the theme ‘The Drive Home’.

I’ve made an edition of 13 photo etching prints (incl. one for me to keep of course!) all 5″x7″.  Ten of which will be sent out as part of the exchange, one will go to the archive and one will be a part of an exhibition of all the work.  In return, I’ll receive a surprise package containing ten different prints!  Can’t wait to see what arrives. 🙂

The image I used is of a photo I took from the top floor of a bus in Dublin as it went through the port tunnel.

Here it is in stages from test strip to finished edition.  I don’t think I’ve ever completed an editon before so I’m delighted about that. Done and Dusted!

If anyone is interested in taking part or reading more, have a look at the website:

The deadline for signing up is the end of of today 170 out of 500 have signed up.  They are the same people who organise the Sketchbook projects that Amy is involved in.

Thanks for the encouragement Amy and Petra! xxx


The whole edition

All Packed up and ready for posting

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Back to Portraits

Hi folks!  Feels like ages since I’ve put up a post.  Thanks to this blog I have been pretty busy.  A few months ago I vowed to sort out a website, which I’ve now done!  It’s nice to have a bit of pressure. is up and running.  All the photos and prints are for sale and I’m hoping to change the variety of prints on offer regularly.  I’ve got my photos and prints up in two venues in Bristol at the mo.  Once I set up the first one, any subsequent ones were much easier as all the nervousness was used up in the run up to the first one.  I;m going to try to apply this practice to lots of aspects of my life!!

I’ve also been going back to portraits.  I’m pretty excited about this!  I used to take a lot of portraits but haven’t been using them much in recent years.  I’m going to try to use images layered with text etc and see how they turn out as etchings.  The first one I did was the print of Laurie’s kids.  There are 3 separate pics blended together in photoshop.  The current one I’m in the process of making is a pic of my Grandma with overlayed text from her husband’s writing.


I won’t be there in the morning…

I’ve been collecting these eerie photos for ages…there’s someone or “something living” in every pic.  Hope the music goes well with it…I’ve put them together in a video.

A Day at the Print Studio

Hi folks!

Here are some photos which I took last week on the way to and at the printing studio.  Just to give you an idea of the journey an image can take.  It get’s messy…gloves are needed!  ps I’m not going to go into detail about the disastrous “old inky book stain on brand new printing blankets” fiasco…thank god no damage was done but it was a scary 24 hours! Drama!

Katie x

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