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Ongoing Projects

Work has been a little crazy recently and I haven’t had as much time to make stuff as I’ve wanted to.  Thought I’d share a little of what’s in my to-finish pile…

Usain Bolt is nearly finished:-) ZOOOOooooooommmm!  I’m knitting his boots at the minute.

Two of the three cushions I’ve had to make recently.  These two aren’t finished yet… YET.  It’ll happen…

Some sewing stuff.

This is only a fraction of what I’m working on at the moment.  And the amount of stuff in my head at the moment… well, it’s epic.  I’ll get it all out some day!


Music to Make Art To: #6

Looking forward to seeing this band at No Direction Home Festival in June. Actually, just looking forward to the festival in general!  Expect mucho photos posted after.  In the meantime, a lovely song.

Adding My Sketchbook To The Mix…

My idea for The Sketchbook Project Limited Edition morphed quite considerably as I put off working on it (procrastination queen, me).  I began with something I knew I didn’t have time for, a mixed-media idea that I am now working on in a whole other format (I’ll blog about that all in good time).  I decided to stick to a simple book of drawings, and wanted every page to have a maze on it. Essentially I wanted to create a puzzle book I suppose.  BUT.  It felt wrong.  It needed a narrative.  And so Bo and his ball of string was born; inspiration born from a crossword that had a clue about Theseus, Ariadne and the Labyrinth.

I made a little video of the whole storybook.  It’s dead simple and silent, but I hope you like it.


Ye Oldie Cotton Reels and other Treasures

Kinda going off topic here (or not, it’s art supplies related I suppose).  Some photos of some old stuff I bought when in London just before Christmas. Only because they are just so pretty.

Petra was kind enough to take Laura and I to a car-boot sale;  well, I was like a child in the proverbial sweetie shop- I came away with 2 ladybird books, a Blockbusters board game (“I’d like a P please, Bob”), an old game of Donkey (so pretty! a bargain at £1) and a share in a biscuit tin full of cotton reels, old buttons and the like, all for the princely sum of just over a fiver.  I took what I wanted from the tin and left the rest with Petra (I didn’t really have room in my bag for much more than I took- Blockbusters was made in a time when big empty packaging wasn’t considered at all wasteful).  The pink silk thread is my favourite, it’s been transferred onto an older reel of what should be dark brown machine thread- I’m going to use it for embroidering (I have a project in mind for it, more on that when it hits the top of my to-do list).  But it was the cough sweet tin that caught my eye first, it’s full of pop fasteners and bra hooks; I just loved the design of it.  And I shall add my collection of these type items to it, keeping it’s recommissioned purpose alive.

The cough sweet tin. Relieves in half the time apparently.

The "Naughty Peter" Donkey game. Never Google the phrase "naughty Peter" with innocence, that's my advice.

And, to wander further into unrelated territory, a photo of my thimble:

My Gran was a dressmaker.  For as long as I knew her, her eyesight was failing and the only memory I have of her sewing involves me sitting beside her once, threading the needle as required, for she could no longer see the eye.  She died when I was sixteen and her grandchildren were told they could take some keepsakes from the house.  I took a cigar box and a few knick-knacks; I also took her thimble.  It fits me perfectly.  I like that symmetry; that she sewed and now I do too even though I never sewed with her; that I have her perfectly fitting thimble. It’s the circle of life – turns out Elton John was right 😉

Post Surprise

Check out what arrived in the post yesterday… Have to give 10/10 for a speedy delivery!!  So what now? Well, the old thinking cap is firmly ON (but not so firmly that it restricts vital blood supply, phew).

Sketchbook with a Deadline

*UPDATE* I have ordered my sketchbook…

I came across this quite randomly, and wish I’d heard about it before.  It’s called The Sketchbook Project.  You sign up to receive a blank sketchpad by post from the Brooklyn Art Library in New York,  fill it up however you want based on a theme and send it back. Then your work will be catalogued in the Brooklyn Art Library and published in the Limited Edition art book series.  This is so exciting!  The possibilities… I think this may be added to the list of things I want to do this year (it’s a vague, meandering list; I really should write it down sometime).

So, who’s with me?

(I kinda like the tie-in with our blog-name too….heh)

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