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All the entries for Print Exchange 2013

Print exchange exhibit

Have a look at all the prints on their flickr page here:


Dublin Statues (I get older, they stay the same age)

Robert EmmetAt the beginning stages of new photography project so I thought I’d share my idea. The plan is to photograph lots of the statues around Dublin. I’m finding them particularly facinating at the moment! I’d also been spending lots of time walking round Stephen’s Green. Now, stautues I had never paid attention to or seen before are popping up everywhere! I’d like to photograph them as if they are living portraits. I’ll try not to show their plinths. On the list is a stunning life size horse by the canal, a singer in the Iveagh gardens and James Joyce’s head.
So far, I’ve made one of Robert Emmet having a stroll through the trees. And another head shot of a strong featured man. I will see how it goes and post the results.Mangan<

A Day at the Print Studio

Hi folks!

Here are some photos which I took last week on the way to and at the printing studio.  Just to give you an idea of the journey an image can take.  It get’s messy…gloves are needed!  ps I’m not going to go into detail about the disastrous “old inky book stain on brand new printing blankets” fiasco…thank god no damage was done but it was a scary 24 hours! Drama!

Katie x

Preparation images for a new Print/Drawing

I’m aiming to use my photographs (of interiors and exteriors of buildings) as a basis for drawings or to convert them into prints.

As usual, I love layering up images, so the backgrounds (may) be some of the old book pages and covers which I have been collecting.  I’ve done a quick sketch of it on photoshop so you get the idea.  It’s just the two images merged together.  The book pages look great in real life can see the mould and the inscriptions…

We’ll see what they turn out like!

A photo of a drawing of a photo…

I’m interested in the combination of drawing and photography at the moment.  With the images above, I’ve used two of my photos (from my camera phone actually) as the basis for a charcoal sketch.  The original photos are at the top.

Next, I digitally photographed them, experimenting with depth of field and angles.  For the last stage, I changed them around in photoshop.  One of my favourite tools is the Blur tool.  After blurring the charcoal shadows in real life on the paper, I blurred them even further on the computer.  I’m hoping to get a strong, abstract, graphic image that has a sense of the architectural.

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