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The clown-like pompom tea-pot cosy is FINALLY FINISHED!  And a year ahead of (my assumed) schedule too. I rock.pot and cosy

spout side



Tea Pour

This is the heaviest teacosy ever knit.  I know this for a fact, because who else would be daft enough to use this much wool in such a small project?  You almost need two hands to hold and pour; almost but not quite.  For the win!! Hope the ladies like my handiwork…


How To Use* Your Friends

*look, I fed them.  It’s not using when you feed someone.  Fact.

On New Year’s Day, I invited two friends for dinner, then sat them down afterwards and had them help me make pompoms for the hair-brained tea-cosy I decided to make for friends for Christmas.









New Year’s Day 2013!  It’s a 2012 Christmas present! Argh!

This is such a ridiculous tea cosy…  The recipients love their tea, and asked me to make them a gay tea cosy.  They had no further hints to give me, just gay; I wondered which definition of the word gay they’d prefer, and decided to go with a mixture of both definitions.  I began by knitting an outer core in two colours of a lovely wool/alpaca mix because that was all the wool I had (left over from lots of gloves I knit people for Christmas), from a pattern I made up as I went along (very proud of this working how I imagined it).  It’s a tad big on the teapot it’s to cover, but in a slouchy-jumper-relaxy-pants-comfort kind of way.  And it is still not finished.  All those bobbles take mucho time to make.  Mucho, mucho time.  Hence the New Year’s Day post-dinner-pace-line.  I still have a long way to go, and I’m not sure anyone will visit me again any time soon in case I produce wool, scissors and a Rice Krispies box, and set them to work.  Damn.

(Thanks for the help, Charlene and Tricia!  You’re welcome any time!  And I’ll even make dessert next time!)

I’ll post photos of the finished cosy in situ when its finished.

Probably June.



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