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Joshua… and New Friends

I made some more dolls over the past few months (well, nearly-year); all for other people.  One was as a thank you to a friend, and the the other two were commissioned as a wedding present.  I’ll begin with Joshua…

Meet Josh Ritter: ritter

Now. Meet Joshua Ritter.


I was given a ticket to see Josh Ritter last year by a friend, and I told her I’d make her a Josh doll as payment.  (She is one of very few people I know who watches Home and Away, and so *got* the Braxton dolls).

Uncanny, right?



side face


(satin is sooooo hard to stitch...)

(satin is sooooo hard to stitch…)

(It has been pointed out that perhaps he looks more like this fella… You decide!)


The other dolls I made were a commission- my cousin and his girlfriend asked that I make a pair of dolls as a wedding present for friends of theirs who were getting married.

coupleI worked from some photos that I was sent as I haven’t met the couple before.

bride face

The bride’s dress is made from a sample of net curtain from a sample book, and lace trim wrapped around her and stitched together.

bride back

veil detailHer veil is some unbleached muslin held to her hair (head) with beads.

groom face

goom backThe grooms waistcoat and trouser fabric was the only fabric I bought for these dolls; I had everything else.  His shirt is flannel from a baby’s shirt I’d gotten for cents at some point in a charity shop.

handsI made a decision to ditch the individual fingers for these dolls- I made “paws” and stitched in fingers after.  Compare them the Josh above and you can see why I gave up on the individual ones.


I was told that the bride liked yoga and the groom plays in a band so I made props too.

Yoga mat


My doll making skills are getting better, phew.  These two dolls are put together better than any of the others I’ve made- the bride could wear a sleeveless gown with her beautiful shoulders on display.  General consensus seems to be that I got the groom fairly spot on, and the bride isn’t too shabby either.  Woop!


A Wedding Present

Was looking through some photos from last year recently and realised that I had forgotten to post pictures of this!

lisa and mo with tagFriends got married in July last (July! talk about tardy on my part); I made them a portrait in case they weren’t willing to use a photographer to record their special day.

mo and background

lisa detailThe happy couple are both from places they didn’t grow up in, and live together in a country that is home to neither; the background to this piece names a few places on their personal journeys before and after they met.

ahappy couple1

Now, Lisa made her dress- I didn’t quite capture how beautiful that was; and Mo, apologies for the skin tone- dunno if you’d believe me if I told you how I chose the fabric (we are sososososososo limited in fabric choice in this country).

mo and lisa tag

You guys are awesome- I know you’ve years of happiness together:-)

And now, because how else does one get their jollies on a art/craft blog, a gratuitous  shot of Lisa’s boobies.


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