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The clown-like pompom tea-pot cosy is FINALLY FINISHED!  And a year ahead of (my assumed) schedule too. I rock.pot and cosy

spout side



Tea Pour

This is the heaviest teacosy ever knit.  I know this for a fact, because who else would be daft enough to use this much wool in such a small project?  You almost need two hands to hold and pour; almost but not quite.  For the win!! Hope the ladies like my handiwork…


Sophie’s Slippers

I got a bit of shock the other day when a friend texted me through a photo of his new baby daughter – I didn’t even know his wife was expecting!

Anyway, great excuse to get into some felting.  I’ve got this bag of gorgeous pink and mauve marled fleece that’s been crying out from its box under the printer, and thought I’d put it out of its misery in the form of some baby slippers/shoes.




Since she’s a winter baby, I’m guessing that she’ll be just about starting to walk next autumn and added a pair of soft suede soles to prevent her from slipping




If this should result in an expensive lifelong handmade shoes habit, sorry dad…

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