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Sketchbook Project- The Result

In my last post I mentioned I’d finished my notebook for the Limited Edition Sketchbook project. Here’s a few photographs of the result.

I chose The Science of the Story as my theme for the notebook. As some of you will know I’ve been scribbling away on something for quite a while now. The notebook depicts part of a scene from the story and a map of the area the main character has found themself in so far.

In between the pages I typed part of the first chapter onto tracing paper and cut out wee windows so you can see part of the story. I layered the tracing paper and, as a result, the writing is quite blurry. I deliberately left in mistakes as its a work in progress and sure mistakes are far more interesting than perfection.



Way back in January Amy posted about the Art House Co-Op’s Limited Edition Sketchbook project and begged someone to take part in it with her. I signed up. Slightly against my better judgement as I was already over stretching myself with various projects. Sure what did I only go and do a few months later but sign up for their Photo Response Project. Time is only a concept, right? Well, both projects are deadlined for Monday and I’m pleased to report I am finished them both and will be popping them in the post on Friday. Yes, yes, cutting it fine- but not as fine as some, hey Amy?

Friday Night Telly

Well, its Friday night and the only thing on the telly is Mastermind- which just makes me feel like I should read less YA fantasy and more Encyclopedia Britannica. I’ve been promising a work mate I’d crochet a hat for his new son and tonight seemed like a good night to do it. Been a while since I hit the hook.*


*Probably because I should be writing but I’m avoiding it. Note- teapot for illustrative puffing out purposes only.


More Innocent hats

Not as fancy as Amy’s but here’s a snippet of my contribution to the Innocent Big Knit.


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